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Welcome! Manny Pantoja is a maker of paintings, graphic design, illustrations, and children's books. He has honed a variety of skills through his educational practices at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Art Instruction Schools in Minnesota, AIFS in Italy, The Australian National University and University of California San Diego. 

Pantoja recently illustrated  A Dino's Tale for Biopop, a children's book about an exciting bioluminescent quest. The story takes a brave little Dino and his guide, Lampy, on an epic journey to discover who he is and what it takes to make him glow.

In 2013, he won the international San Diego Fringe Festival design competition and received public recognition as well as a feature on UT-San Diego News.   

When Pantoja isn't trying to set up an art show in a random urban alleyway or doodling on scraps of paper, he spends his time daydreaming over his vision boards that include photographs from the tropical mountains in Thailand to the picturesque streets of Prague. Pantoja is quite the adventure-seeker. He has visited New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Germany, France, Mexico, Austria, Czech Republic,  Spain, South America, Thailand and the UK! His travels inspire his work and challenge him to be the best artist he can be.  He is grateful that you are here.    

Manny Pantoja lives in California.



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